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Our 4th Relax DVD!

This time we walk in many forest:
Agostyán, Alcsút and Zirc in Hungary.
Peaceful autumn and winter videos with the biggest
snowdrops area.
The disc contain 2 audio track from Szabolcs Kövi:
the one is from the new "Fairy Enchantment" album with irish,
romantic music and bird songs (you can hear this),
the other is from the album "Song of the Forest"

Playtime: 56 minute

- multi language, motion dvd menu
- selectable subtitle, that shows the location name
- infos about the authors
- sample videos from the other dvd's

If you like the videos, you can order a DVD from Bookline net shop!

You can order anywhere from EU and outside EU!

The price is only about 7 EUR/DVD + shipping (with Credit card)

Outside EU and Ciprus, Greek, Malta, Portugal, Espanol and to Sweden

DHL Express will deliver (2-4 day), inside EU GLS will carry the pack (3-7 day).


Our future destination is SEYCHELLES: