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Balaton - Relaxation DVD

Our first disc was released in december 2004.
It contains the best videos about hungarian National Park
"Balaton-felvidék": Tihany, Csopak, Balatonkenese, Badacsony
You can see sunrise, fast moving clouds, birds in morning,
view from airplane, nice flowers, brooks. Musican is Szabolcs Kövi,
today he has 12 music albums, "Balaton" contains
the best from them! Watch and hear the sample videos!


Playing time: 40 minute, Audio: PCM Stereo
Extras: english/german/hungarian menu, scene selection,
20 minute screensaver, bibliograph, information from authors.

If you like the videos, you can order a DVD from Bookline net shop!

You can order anywhere from EU and outside EU!

The price is only about 7 EUR/DVD + shipping (with Credit card)

Outside EU and Ciprus, Greek, Malta, Portugal, Espanol and to Sweden

DHL Express will deliver (2-4 day), inside EU GLS will carry the pack (3-7 day).


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