Nowadays you can see many 360 panorama pictures on the web (streets, hotels, etc).
But much of them are made on the ground, at eye level with the help of a tripod.
Our specialist is that we lift our camera to 100-200m height!
From this point the view is fantastic on a clear day. You can look all around like
from a look-out tower, but you can't see anything from the tower itself :)

The camera made photos every 2 seconds and in every direction.
Stitching these pictures is done later in computer. For perfect stitching a calm day is necessary.
You can see the result is a browser (HTML5 or FLASH format). PC, MAC, Ipad, Mobile are supported!
If your device has gyroscope, you can look around with just rotating the device!
And VR is coming to this area! 1-2 years, and many people will watch such places in a VR headset
with their phone display. Virtual trip around the world!

IMPORTANT: for creating our panoramas we have a licensed KRPANO software!
Because the virtual tour will be uploaded to the internet, the needed files contain information about
who made it, which software, the registered name, etc.
Don't advertise yourself with panoramas created with illegal application!

Look around, start with our latest work, in KEFALONIA!